Super Predictions

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What are Super Predictions?

We use advanced data science and algorithms to create super predictions based on what fans are saying will happen in a game. You’ll have access to the most accurate predictions anywhere in the world!

What are we doing that nobody else does? We use Wisdom of the Crowd...

How does "Wisdom of the Crowd" work?

Here's a short video that explains it.

We all know the expression that many heads are far better than one. It turns out there’s some powerful science that proves this is true. That’s why we’ve assembled the best sports predictors in the world to power our world-beating Super Predictions.

But we haven’t stopped there - we use our data smarts to remove biases and errors and spot key patterns so our Super Predictions are constantly getting better and better for you.

How accurate are our Super Predictions?

Our predictions on the spread are accurate 57% of the time - this is world beating. We predict match winners accurately 78% of the time.

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