Our Team



Adam takes care of graphic design, UX, front end and back end programming (that’s a lot right!). He makes SportHold look great. From Sydney, he loves Water Polo, Swimming and Rugby.



Chris handles the business side and takes care of marketing and user acquisition. From Sydney and loves the Australian Cricket Team (test matches only) and the Socceroos.


Co-founder, Advisor

Australia’s best mobile app and backend developer. Tom makes the app and built the backbone of the technology. From Sydney and loves sailing.



Mike is chief cheerleader and consiglieri. Originally from New Zealand he loves rugby and runs his own startup, GradConnection.


Swiss Army Knife of the Internet

Goran has done a lot different jobs at SportHold and has been working with us for a while now. He’s from Skopje, Macedonia and is enthusiastic about martial arts.


Design Extraordinaire

Carlo is an amazing graphic designer. Almost all the team logos you see on the site were done by him (amazing, right!?). Carlo is from the Philippines and also loves video creation and production.


Online Research Prodigy

Orion is amazing at doing online research and connecting with bloggers, social media personalities and also does other jobs for us. Originally from the Philippines he’s currently living and working in London.

Don Moore


Professor in Berekely he also works with the CIA on a prediction market research project. He gives us guidance in prediction market science.


We also have an amazing team of investors who go above and beyond in helping us focus on what is the most important thing for us to be doing to grow the business and improve things for our users.