How It Works

Daily Challenges - Always Free!

1 Sign up so we can contact you when you win.

2 Enter your predictions.

3 Win cash prizes!

If it's free, how do you make money?

1 We collect predictions.

2 We crunch the data to find trends (we always keep you anonymous).

3 We sell the trends to:

Content Creators
Fantasy League Players
Sports Bettors

How do NBA challenges work?

NBA challenges are really simple. We take all the games happening on that day in the NBA and we give you cash prizes for predicting the exact scores of these games. The more exact scores you get right the more money you win. Some days only have 4 games so the maximum prize is lower.

If nobody in the challenge predicts an exact score then the top ranked person in the challenge (based on points) will get a guaranteed prize.

You need to be registered and logged in to enter and you can’t predict on a game after it’s started.

So, how does SportHold make money if the challenges are free?

We get this question all the time and we understand why. Our challenges are really good for users so it’s only natural that users like you want to know how it works. Our business model is selling sports data. With all of the predictions we collect we can do some things that very fun but also very scientific with them. For example, we can sell it to companies like ESPN so they can use it in articles to let their readers know what the crowd thinks will happen in a game. We can also sell the data to people who play fantasy sports to help them win their leagues. Finally, we can sell the data to sports bettors to help them make better bets. Whenever we do this we keep the user identity anonymous.

So how can getting a lot of predictions be useful or scientific? Well, the best way to explain that without getting into science mumbo jumbo is to say that we use prediction market science and Wisdom of the Crowd methods to find the insights. You can also learn more about our predictions here.

What are the points, badges and leaderboards for?

As a young company we’ve tried different things in the past to make the site more fun and engaging for users. That’s also why we have lots of data freely available as well as the mini games and things like that.

We use the points to determine who the best predictors are and the leaderboards let you know how you compare to other people. Badges are there for fun and let you show your skill to the world.

How do Leagues work?

Leagues are a place where you can compete with your friends. You get your own special area where you can chat with each other and see which of your friends is the best at predicting. When you predict on a game in your league or anywhere on the site it gets saved everywhere (including in challenges).

For more information, go to our FAQs here.