How It Works

The Basics

Pick the score

Pick the score
Predict the scores of games across several of your favourite sports.

Score Points

Score points
Earn reputation points for your accurate predictions.

Be drafted

Be drafted
Earn enough reputation points to be selected in the Major League!

Reputation Points

SportHold awards reputation points to players for getting your predictions right. These reputation points are used to measure your success on SportHold. You can prove to your friends that you know more about sports be getting more points.

Your prediction is scored in 5 categories: Winner (25 pts), Margin (50 pts), Total Game Points (15 pts), Home Team Points (5 pts) and Away Team Points (5 pts). This adds up to a total of 100 points available for each game. An exact score in any sport will get you maximum points!


You can also earn trophies for different goals and milestones. These will really show off your skills to your friends!