How do I win challenges?

For NBA exact score challenges there are two ways you can win. The first is that you’ll win a cash prize every time you predict the exact score in a game. The more exact scores you predict the more money you’ll win. Pretty simple, right? The second is a guaranteed prize that’s awarded only when nobody wins the exact score prize.

There are different conditions for each challenge. At the bottom of each challenge page you’ll find a “Details” box that explains everything you need to know for that challenge. Having said that, here are some of the common challenge types you’ll see:

  • Exact Score Challenges (for NBA, EPL, etc) – To win these challenges you have to predict the exact number of points each team will score in one or more matches. The amount you win depends on how many games in the challenge. See the notes in the challenge section for more information. Often these challenges will also have a guaranteed prize component.
  • Guaranteed prize – There are a few different ways we do guaranteed prizes.
    • Top performer if no other prize is won: In this case if nobody wins an exact score prize then the highest ranked predictor in the challenge will receive a set prize that will be known in advance of the challenge closing. The rankings are determined by how many points the user has won from predicting the score line (see our “How points work” page). In these cases there are a limited number of prizes.
    • By rankings: Predictors who will receive prizes based on where they rank.
    • By achieving a threshold of points: These are prizes where there can be unlimited winners. Any user with more than the required number of points in a challenge will win a prize. There may also be points tiers where users can get prizes. For example: > 800 points = $300 prize. 600-700 points = $100 prize, etc.

Who can enter the challenges?

We have no nationality or residency restrictions. If a user is under 16 years of age we’ll only send the prize to their legal guardian.

When I win a challenge how do I get the money?

All prizes are sent by Paypal only. We do not give prizes by wire transfer, cheque, Western Union or any other process or service.

What sports do you have challenges for?

That varies and we’re constantly adding new challenges. The best way to find out is to go to our Challenges page. If you don’t see any challenges for a sport you love then go to our contact page and let us know.

If it’s free to enter then how do you make money?

Great question! We get this one a lot. We’ve written a pretty detailed answer on our How It Works page but I’m happy to write about it again here in simple terms. One person’s predictions are actually not very useful information by itself.

But when you get thousands or even millions of predictions then all of those predictions are very useful and interesting.

Content creators (like Yahoo! or ESPN) use data like this to write interesting articles, fantasy league players can use it to perform better and sports bettors can mine the data for insights that improve their betting.

What that all means is the money we make from selling it to them goes back to our users in prizes. We think it’s pretty neat that we can give you money for loving sport ☺.

Are you going to offer bigger prizes?

That’s our plan! Our goal is to be able to offer millions of dollars a day in prizes. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make a living from predicting sports without ever having to pay entry fees or bet money? We think so. That’s one of the things that keeps us going working 12 hour days. We want to make that a reality. But we’re not there yet so we have to start small. But you can help! Keep predicting and tell your sport loving friends about us!

How do I claim a prize when I win?

Our system automatically notifies us when a user wins a prize. We then contact them using the email address on their account and arrange the Paypal transfer.

How do points for users work?

We’ve created an entire page for this one. But here are the basics:

  • Each match in a sport is worth a maximum of 100 points.
  • If you get the margin correct in a game (the winning team’s score minus the losing team’s score) then you get exactly 50 points. The closer you get to the margin the more points you get.
  • If you correctly predict the winner of the match then you get 20 points. You also get this many points if you correctly predict a draw/tie.
  • For correctly predicting the number of points the home team scores you get 5 points. The closer to the correct number, the more points you get. This is the same for the away team (also 5 points).
  • For correctly predicting the total number of points scored in a match you get 30 points. The further away you are from the correct number the fewer points you’ll get.

Who built this?

That’s a short question with a long answer! So we wrote a whole page for it. The short version is a couple of Australians, Filipinos and a Macedonian martial artist who love sport, technology and creating fun things that get people excited (including ourselves).

To build this site we moved our lives from our homes in Australia to California. In the process one of us was in a car accident in a taxi on the way to meet an investor (nobody got hurt and we still made the meeting on time).

It’s been quite an adventure and we’ve stayed in plenty of dorms in foreign places, run to catch planes on time, sat on the floor in the corner of an old warehouse to find a power point so we could have a Skype call with a user without the computer losing battery.

We’ve been sick, eaten strange things and spoken to some brilliant people (one of our advisors is a professor at Berkeley), some scary ones (Las Vegas, that’s all I’m saying), some famous ones and, best of all, people whose eyes light up when they hear what we’re trying to do. You have a dream to make money by predicting the sports you love. It’s our dream to make that possible. We’re in this together ☺.

Where are you based?

We’re based in San Francisco, USA. We used to be based in Sydney, Australia.

Are you hiring?

The best place to find out is by looking at our jobs page. Our number 1 priority as a business is to have the best people working with us. To us it isn’t important where you live now - in fact we believe there are great people in all parts of the world. So please have a look at our open positions and if they suit you then please reach out to us.

Can I buy data from you?

Sure, see all the information about that on our predictions page.

Do you like hearing suggestions for things I want?

Absolutely! We love hearing from users. All of our best ideas have come from users visiting the site and saying “Hey, have you thought about…”. So we love that. That’s why you can see a chat/email option on every page of this site. Even if you think it’s a silly or obvious suggestion let us know! You can also contact us other ways on this page.

How can I contact you?

Our Contact Us page page is the best page for getting in touch. We prefer email, live chat but you can always call us on 1800 683 5866. And if you’re really keen you can visit our offices at 44 Tehama Street, San Francisco. Just let us know you’re coming and we’ll arrange a time.

Have you designed your site to work with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox?

We’ve designed the site to look good in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. They all show web pages the same way. We deliberately chose not to design for Internet Explorer. We have users all over the world including in countries where Internet Explorer is the most popular browser so it wasn’t an easy decision. The reason we made this decision is because Internet Explorer refuses to show web pages the same way as every other browser. To design our site to work well with Internet Explorer would require double the work for our engineers. Currently 8% of the internet uses it and that percentage has been decreasing for 10 years. If you still use Internet Explorer we urge you to download and use Google Chrome, it’s way better ☺.

Do you have a mobile app for Android and iOS?

We’d love to have a full app for both Android and iOS but we don’t have a big enough team (yet) to do that. What we have done is design the website to be fully responsive so it will work smoothly on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. When we finally do have iOS and Android apps, we'll be sure to let you know.